Many people will agree, dating in the 21st century isn’t simple. As a matter of fact, it’s downright complicated! Dating apps make it easy to shop for a potential partner, but it also creates endless problems.

Searching to connect based on some generalized blurb and a photo is overwhelming and objectifying. Then, if you do find a person of interest, the real obstacle begins.

Formulating the perfect message to catch their attention and elicit a response. When there is a response, there is elation. When there is silence, there is confused disappointment with a sprinkle of hurt. Additionally, the competition is tough. People from all walks of life are on these apps trying to market themselves and find a partner(s).

And, if you do make a connection, there is a list of worries that come into play. How sincere are these people? How can you keep that person interested? Are they chatting with other people? Suddenly, the search for love becomes a big headache.

So, how do you overcome these fears and give dating apps a try? Simple. You just do it. Find a popular one and join. Don’t pay for the subscription, use a free one.

If you like it, then move onto a paid service. Paid dating apps at least tell you the people who signed up are willing to shell out money to find love. they are serious about what they are looking for.

Above all else, be cautious about who you message and who you respond to. Don’t take rejections personally and lastly, don’t be quick to give personal information to anyone. Like going to a giving the bar scene a try, every single adult should give dating apps a try (at least once).

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