What is one simple reason why every adult should read a romance novel? We have a good reason and it makes sense. However, before we dive in and give you what you’re looking for, let’s take a breather and think about romance novels.

The industry is booming, and believe it or not, you’ve probably read a novel or watch a film that was adapted from a romance book. It would be sad to deprive yourself of a growing genre. Additionally, the ever-expanding romance genre and subgenres provide readers with plenty of choices.

So, what is the one simple reason every adult should read a romance novel, at least once? The sex. We love the romance, but the sex, sometimes raw and rough, sometimes slow and sensual – all spelled out for us. There’s nothing better than reading a fantasy that takes on a life of its own. Romance novels do that, especially in the bedroom, or the kitchen, or simply wherever there is a space.

So, you’ll take a read and dip your toes in the romance pool. Yay. But, what book do you read and which author writes in your style? How can you choose the best book to break your virgin eyes to romance novels? It’s actually very simple. Start with something you know, and the truth is, you already know plenty about romance novels. Don’t be afraid, give romance novels a try now – you’ll be glad you did!

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